Easy cooking

Most of the cooking masterclasses are offering you to learn cooking in their professional and well equipped kitchens. It feels good and very easy when you are there following the instructions of a handsome chef. 

But then you come to your own kitchen and find yourself alone without fancy products in the fridge or rare tools for cooking.

You get sad and decide that good old macaroni and cheese is all that you can cook tonight, tomorrow and in the future.


Our chef comes to your kitchen and shows how you can cook tasty and healthy using only what you have at home. He can show you that it can be fun and easy and you don’t need all that complicated equipment for that.

The price depends on your wishes, and is set individually (is approx. 45 euros per person).

Are you planning a birthday party or a meeting with friends? Cooking together can be fun!

Invite our chef and enjoy the new format of entertainment.

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